photo: Kelly Marie
the original northshore surf girls 1995
Us Girls "the original women's surf line"

From it's inception, Us Girls targeted a niche that had never been attempted before. In fact many people told them it couldn't  be done because there simply weren't enough  women surfing to form a large enough consumer audience. Us Girls piloted a fashion industry trend brought about by a functional need in women's surfing apparel. " We are the originators of true surf wear for women," clarifies Lane Davey designer and founder of Us Girls who realized that all women surfers shared a common problem, that of not having anything to wear "that worked" for their sport. Fashionable bikinis at that time were limited to active bikinis which created "chaffing", a very conservative sport look or cutesy bikinis that literally "fell off" in the water, so the pioneers of women's surfing and surfing apparel set fashion standards of their own from the sheer aspect of what they found fashionable, yet functional, to wear on and off the BIG SURF.

In 1993 designer Lane Davey innovated the women's boardshort which was some time before any boardshorts ever appeared in stores. Since then, Us Girls fashions have come a long way ranging in 46 patterns of innovative beachwear distributed throughout 50 cutting edge swim boutiques and lifestyle surf shops in the US  and a licensee in Japan. The company has also been recognized through several multimedia features along their journey.

The concept of Us Girls goes beyond a  line of clothing; it's a uniting of women sufers, the world over. The line is designed, fit tested, worn and marketed by actual surfers who sport the perilous waves. This team of women ranges from all different countries, skill levels, ages, and lifestyles which are comprised for research of what surfer girls really want to wear. The team included top notable such a #2  rated professional women surfer
Lynette Mackenzie, top Hawaiian amateur Shea Hodge, extreme bodyboarder Emilia Perry and owner Lane Davey herself.

As Davey defines "
What sets Us Girls apart from the rest is that we not only know our customer we  are our customer. We know what our customer wants, how she wants it to fit and how it has to function. For Us Girls IT'S NOT JUST BUSINESS, IT'S PERSONAL!"

The ultimate dream of Us Girls is to expand this concept to women of all sports and lifestyles  worldwide providing them fashion with function, followed by a marketing image that provides a Go For it Girl who exceeds all the boundaries to meet her goals and aspirations whatever they may be.

Us Girls products are MADE IN HAWAII- USA  and promotes women surfers along with the Northshore surfing lifestyle in cutting edge fashions.


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