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photos by Sean Davey: click on the fashion section of
to see more Us Girls designs and surf girl lifestyle pics

original writings by Suzanne Bernhardt
(these are paraphrased and updated versions of originals)

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Northshore Girls:
Banzai Betty Depolito- northshore veteran surfer and videographer
Sunset Suzy Stewart- northshore surfer, lifeguard, surf instructor
Claudia Ferrari- northshore  veteran, world champion bodyboarder
Robin Cardoza - extreme pipe bodyboarder-interview
Jam Star- the charger
Karen Gallagher- northshore veteran surfer who teaches surf camps from the Northshore
Joanne Barratt - woman photographer on the Northshore
Adrianae Skinasy- extreme bodyboarder with information Northshore website

other Northshore Sites: killer new Northshore site by Extreme BodyboarderAdrianae Skinasy
Garrett McNamara- leader of extremely extreme surfers Jamie Ballengers photo log of northshore surf and surfers Mark Berkowitz photo log of northshore surf and surfers Fresh Northshore Surf Art- cartoon style, NEW DVD information and news from the Northshore of Oahu, Hawaii - pipe charger Wade Tokoro makes killer surfboards too Spike's photo diarys and galleries
Danny Black- bodyboarder and photographer's my space page

other photographers credited to in this site:
Mo Martinez- Zenitram Productions
Robert Coello- art of women

Tiare Girl- a local women's surf magazine published by real women surfers for women surfers in Hawaii
Surf Life for Women- a new national magazine published by real women surfers  for real women surfers magazine with hardcore surf stories
Pacific Media New Zealand- Publishing Co of several active lifestyle magazines

Cool Girls Sites: cool surfer chick site with history of womens surfing, etc. fresh b-girl (breakdancer girl) site with links to crews around the globe online women's surfing magazine, current news and events, very informative freshest girl emcee since Roxanne Shante pro surfer Kim Hamrocks California surf school and gear The IWS is an organization which is paving the way for the future of women's surfing Women's Surfing/Longboarding Website in Germany hosted by Susanne Keller blog by Stephanie Schulte information & products for women and girls who love water sports online magazine for surfer girls, core interviews and profiles from a female perspective Makaha surfer girl Pake Salmon's website; for surfing, photos and video surf school in San Diego -legendary surfer Jeannie Chesser Oregon woman surfer with a great story
Social Wahines -website for networking entreprenuering women in the islands
EPIC Tours- Travel consultant Guinnivere Allen can plan your perfect trip new website with photographers and videographers shooting women surfers -cool women's surf site. surf lessons, gear, guides, etc.

Surf: Forecasts
Oahu Surf Forecast
Oahu Buoy Report
Surf Cam Directory

Surfing Sites: network for surfers preserving surfing -Surf History Preservation Collection Bodyboarders site hosted by pro bodyboarder Eddie Solomon Beachwear with attitude Surf Lock Australia- new innovation for keeping your gear safe Cool Surf Blog by professional surfer and photographer Kirby Fukunaga wow 60 years old and still going straight up, maybe its the surfboard
Grind TV photographer and videographer in Hawaii, has some sick clips

Environmental Websites: Surfrider Foundations main site Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter influencial environmental organization
Turtle Feet Surfers Beat- environmental website for kids by Marina Kuperman

Surf Directories

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