Extreme Surfer Lane Davey
When I started surfing in 1987 they told me women couldn't surf, when I designed the first women's boardshort in 1993 they said that a women's surf line was not marketable, when I pushed Banzai Betty to apply for the permit to host a women's surfing event at Pipe, they said no girls would enter. THEY WERE WRONG!!!!! -LANE DAVEY
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USA: Surfing, SG Cover, WWD (Women's Wear Daily), Surf Life for Women, Surfer, Wahine, H3O, Honolulu Star Bulletin, Tiare Girl, Shred, Carnival(cover), Freesurf Magazine, VW Driver (international), Hawaiian Waves Calendar, Playboy(surf shot/no nudity),WSSM Japan:Surfaholic, Surfing Life, Fine, Flow, Surf Trip, Germany:Allegra
Austrailia:Chick, Underground Surf, Waves France:Trip Surf, Surf Saga Brazil:Now(cover)
Web:Allaboutsurf.com, Surf2b.com, MSM

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BOOKS: Women Surfing in the Waves (quote), Frommers Oahu 10th edition(cover)

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Lifetime Television, H3O, Backdoor, channel 2 News surf reports, Wet n Wild, E!,MTV, Surf Sista Documentary Austrailia, double for Hoku Ho in "How do I feel" music video, Blue Crush, Cheryl Crow's top video "Soak up the Sun", Rebel TV Europe,
Us Girls Freedom Bodyboarding, Soaking Wet Girls, Flip Cryp Clips, Raw Power, Fluid Combustion, Womens Pipe Video

Best Contest Results:
1st Place Volcom Pro Am 2001
1st Place Local Motion Surf into Summer 2000
+ winner of Surfing Girls Biggest Manuver award 2000
1st Place China's Wahine Classic 1999
1st Place Hawaii State Championships 1994
Quarterfinals Women's Pipeline Championships 2005-07
2 years on WQS Pro Tour 1999-2001
Best results: 7th place
California, Virginia Beach, Africa, Austrailia, France,)

Designed the 1st women's boardshort (designer Lane Davey)
Designed the first functional women's surf line
First woman to paddle out @ 2nd reef (big) Pipe
Helped start the first women's surfing contest at Pipe
Watergirl Ad-
this is the mark of a true pioneer

XM Leashes, Gath Helmets, BeWet Wetsuits, 3rd Sone Surboards
Former Sponsors: Point Conception bikinis, Jamacian Style, Xcel Wetsuits, Fluid Skateboards, Animal Watches, Us Girls Japan, Scott Sandals, KT Surfboards, Tomgirl Sunglasses, Watergirl

Previous Sports History:
X- Country -1986-88 4th place state championships
Track & Field -100m hurdles-3rd place, 300m hurdles- 5th place Hawaii States
SB Diving. -2nd place state meet
Swimming -several awards in breaststroke and IM at age 9
Gymnastics -Class II State champion, Class I 5th place state 11th place regional (Region II). Also competed on Elite level.
Breakdancing/ Hip Hop dancing - B-Girl Pioneer since 1983
Athletic Awards: Athlete of the Year 1988, Whos Who in Highschool
Sports, Bonnie Bell Sports Award,

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